Catapalt Dance perform Rhapsody for New Annual
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Local Creatives get a $100,000 injection for New Annual Festival

Five creative organizations will share in a cash injection of nearly $100,000 to help them bring ideas to life for this year’s New Annual festival.

The initiative is part of City Of Newcastle’s Made New program which forms a crucial component of a comprehensive five-year plan to bolster the region’s flourishing arts industry.

Among the recipients of this generous funding is Built In-Kind, a design and fabrication workshop set to make its New Annual debut in 2024. Renowned for its expertise in crafting custom furniture and delivering educational programs tailored to women and diverse communities, Built In-Kind will present The Memory Feast workshops. Participants will embark on a journey to create a sculptural dining hall utilizing recycled materials, culminating in a unique dining experience spotlighting local chefs, food, and wineries.

Another exciting addition to the festival lineup is the Newcastle Youth Orchestra’s debut performance of Mistborn Orchestral Suite. This immersive concert promises to seamlessly merge music, visuals, and dance, showcasing compositions by local composer Jacob Cummins. The audience will be transported on a sensory voyage like no other, immersing themselves in a symphony of cultural richness and artistic expression.

Adding a dash of interactive adventure to the festival, Tantrum Youth Arts will bring to life a participatory wayfinding art experience through the city. This innovative project aims to engage and captivate audiences of all ages, encouraging exploration and discovery within Newcastle’s vibrant urban landscape.

Meanwhile, Newcastle-based dance company Catapult Choreographic Hub is set to unveil a mesmerizing new contemporary dance work. Crafted by acclaimed First Nations choreographer Jasmin Sheppard and performed by a diverse ensemble of artists, this performance promises to be a celebration of movement, culture, and storytelling.

Rounding off the list of recipients is Art Thinking, whose immersive experience will revolve around a chair that interacts with users’ physical input to generate captivating visuals on LED screens. This innovative fusion of art and technology is poised to leave festival-goers spellbound, offering a unique blend of creativity and interactivity.

“Our commitment to fund local talent forms part of our five-year plan to support and grow our region’s arts industry while simultaneously attracting renowned artists that will help New Annual achieve national recognition,” Newcastle Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes said.

“In addition, the festival will strengthen Newcastle’s position as a cultural tourism destination, which generates an economic boost for local businesses through hotel stays and increased visitor spending in the city.”

Scheduled to run for 10 days during the Spring school holidays from 27 September to 6 October 2024, New Annual will feature a diverse array of free, ticketed, and family-friendly events. To find out more visit