The Little Shop of Horrors gets Live Cinema treatment

Jumpboard Productions present the next film ripe for the ‘Live Live Cinema’ treatment : Roger Corman’s The Little Shop of Horrors, headed to Newcastle’s Civic Theatre on Friday 22 April.

Live Live Cinema’s The Little Shop of Horrors significantly ups the danger and excitement of the live performance.

While the original 1960 film plays on stage, four performers work at break-neck speeds to re-voice multiple characters in perfect lip synch, whilst playing a brand new score, and creating live foley (sound effects).

You won’t know where to look next as Audrey, Seymour, Mushnik and Dentist, along with all the other characters, leap from piano to guitar, to bass to door bell, to that thing that makes the sound of footsteps.

The foley booth will be exploded out across the stage, with sound effects now being generated by each and every performer.

The Little Shop of Horrors will be madcap and energetic theatre at its best. A fully immersive and engaging feat of brilliant musical and cinematic theatrics celebrating the multiple skills of the live performers as well as the original film.


What: Live Live Cinema: The Little Shop of Horrors

Where: Civic Theatre, Newcastle

When: Friday 22 April 2016


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