A LIFE INSIDE THE HEAD OF ELVIS: Max Pellicano says farewell to Newcastle

In a career that has successfully spanned over thirty years, Max Pellicano (ELVIS TO THE MAX) is headed to Newcastle to say farewell to his loyal followers. In a recent interview, Max told us that his farewell concert at Newcastle’s Civic Theatre on Thursday 14th September represents a transition and a shift in focus for the veteran performer rather than an end to his career.

“I’m an actor first and foremost, so I’ve always approached the Elvis To The Max show in that way. So, after this tour, I’m going to concentrate on doing more acting, and spending time with my family” he tells us over the phone from his home in Detroit.

The Concert will feature multi-media footage of Max’s early performances and images taken throughout the years.

“I put all that footage together. You know, it’s a wonderful thing to see people I was performing to in Australia over 30 years ago, still sitting in the audience today for over

One of the strengths of the ELVIS TO THE MAX production is Max’s approach to impersonating Elvis.

“As an actor I always look to the motivation behind each of his performances, to hopefully present a true representation of the Elvis concert experience”. Max explains.

Max tells us that he spends many hours in front of the television watching Elvis concerts.

“I watch a lot of old live concerts and it’s actually kind of easy to study Elvis because I really enjoy watching his shows”.

“The Aloha From Hawaii concert, for instance, Elvis was going through some really rough times. His marriage breakdown amongst other things and he’s singing some really sad songs in that show, and you can hear his voice when he speaks, that he’s actually pretty nervous. That’s the sort of thing I draw on when I’m putting a show together” he says.

You can Max Pellicano in his truly heartfelt thank you to all his fans that have loyally followed and supported his career at Newcastle’s Civic Theatre on Thursday 14th September. Tickets on sale now!