hit like a girl
hit like a girl

Does Libby hit like a girl?

Life member of the Newcastle Live music scene, Libby Jones has entered the Hit Like A Girl drumming competition.

Hit Like A Girl is an annual global drumming contest for female percussionists.The event is produced  in conjunction with founding sponsors DRUM! Magazine, TRX Cymbals, and Tom Tom: The Magazine of Female Drummers. Libby is currently studying a Bachelor of Music slash Bachelor of Teaching at the University of New England and teaches drums through her own school.


“Some of my favorite drummers include John Bonham, Dave Grohl, Phil Collins, Neil Peart, Stewart Copeland, Tommy Igoe and Jeff Porcaro.For me, playing the drums is a release. I love playing music and I love playing with other musicians.I entered the HIT LIKE A GIRL Contest so I can help promote the female drumming community”


The video production was an entirely local affair. Kris from Gen-X plays guitar for the video with Ben Travis mixing the sound from the recording Sawtooth Studios.

You can vote for Libby here: http://www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com/18-plus/entry/libby-jones