KONDO HUNTING: Second-hand gold in a post-Kondo world

Whatever you’d like to say about the whole Marie Kondo phenomena I will say one thing.

The Facebook marketplace/gumtree is full of amazing stuff. People are in the process of basically throwing out their entire lives simply because not only does it not give them joy, but every item they own now fills them with guilt.

It’s there loss (literally) and your gain. Here are our top tips for (Kondo) hunting.


Don’t be a weird flakey human, that’s pretty much it for this tip. If you want to buy something, or snag something for free, be a good human and commit to your own promises. If you say you’re going to be there at 4pm on Saturday, you be there at 4pm on Saturday. Selling things on Gumtree can actually be a little inconvenient for those who are selling that particular item. Appreciate that, will ya.

Haggle but don’t lowball

Haggling is most definitely a skill. Some people don’t know this. Haggling is all about knowing the real worth of the item and balancing that with what you’re willing to pay. If someone is offering a TV for 600 buck, don’t offer 100. It’s dumb and silly and just down right rude.

Shop around

Personally I spend many hours on Gumtree, books mostly because that’s my jam but… you just never know what magic you’re going to come across in your travels! Like they say another person’s trash is another’s treasure so go for your life friends, go for your life.

Measure first, buy second

If you’re buying furniture online, please (please) measure first! Speaking from experience there is literally nothing more annoying than buying something and not having it fit by the time you get home. Have your eyes on that bookshelf that’s 2.1m high? Maybe see if you can actually bring it home first hey? Or even better, see if it will fit where ever you’re planning on putting it.

Have fun

Lurking around on Gumtree can be a hoot and a half. It’s like council pickup but you don’t have to leave your house or worry if anyone is going to come out and yell at you. It’s a treat, and you can thank Marie Bae for everything, that’s the real joy right there.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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