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What of the The Kids at the Rock Show

A brand spanking new run of events have just been announced at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney aptly named XraySpeX set to fill the gap in the underage music scene market and it’s one hell of a lineup. But reading the announcement, however, I wondered what, if anything, was happening here in Newcastle to combat the same gap in clientele?

I know for one, local legend and man about town Andrew Brassington is on the forefront of really trying to encourage and cultivate more live music events here in Newcastle, but what are the masses doing to actively give him a hand.

This weekend saw the “Grow Up” Festival hosted by the good folks at No-Fi records was an all ages event, and really went a long way to highlight the Hunter’s up and coming and highly celebrated DIY culture.

But what about the bigger, main stage touring acts that breeze through town? Those under 18 often miss out on seeing their favorite bands live, simply because there is no space for them to play. Hombre and then the revitalized Drone created a tentative answer to the issue but with lack of funding and public push to back them, the venues disappeared as did the all-ages spaces.

I just wanted to take the time to pose the question? Where do all the kids go? Where, if anywhere, do local kids go to see their favorite bands? All of the major venues around town are licensed and therefore, are not all ages venues.

Does anyone have any solutions? Any ideas to combat and fill the gap that exists for those under 18 to enjoy everything we all love about the live music scene? That’s something I’m oh so ready to get behind!

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.