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Watch Jimmy Barnes read Rosie The Rhinoceros

Yesterday, Aussie rock icon,Jimmy Barnes released his new children’s book, Rosie the Rhinoceros.

This is the first time Jimmy has turned his pen to writing for children since the 2017 release of Och Aye G’Nu, a book of truly unique poems written for his grandchildren.

Jimmy says that the book was inspired by his granddaughter, Rosie, who “charges around like a rhinoceros but feels she’s a delicate unicorn”.

“Is she a fun-loving rhinoceros who is always up early and ready to greet the day? Or is she a magical unicorn who skips through the savannah on her dainty hooves?”

Rosie the Rhinoceros is just one of the books by the Scottish born rocker that will, no doubt, find their way into the Christmas stockings of fans this year.

In November, Jimmy and his wife Jane will release a cookbook that includes a collection of the pairs favourite family recipes called, Where The River Bends.

Jimmy Barnes will read Rosie The Rhinoceros live on his Facebook page on Monday, 4 October 2021. Click here for more details.

And you can also purchase your signed copy of the book from the Jimmy Barnes online store.