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IV LOUNGE NEWCASTLE: 20% off for local festival ticket holders

They say IV Therapy can restore wellness to your body in less than an hour, we test it out

The IV Lounge in Newcastle is running a promotion for festival ticket holders. If you’ve got a ticket to This That, Scene & Heard, Bitter & Twisted, Grapevine, A Day On The Green or any other Hunter based festival held over November or December 2018, you’ll get 20% off your booking…

That was enough for us to try it out. How could we resist?


Basically, the therapies at the IV Lounge in Newcastle rehydrate and distribute vitamins directly into your bloodstream intravenously rather than ingesting them.  They say that when you ingest vitamins and nutrients they can be absorbed into your gastrointestinal tract and you need to ingest quite a lot of vitamins to have the same effect as an IV treatment!


We arrived at the IV Lounge on Fleming Street in Wickham around 1:30 pm. We were greeted by a staff member who talked us through a few forms we needed to fill out and took our blood pressure and pulse.

Those documents and results were passed on to the physician who took us through to the treatment room and explained what was going to happen. We sat in these big comfy chairs as our cannulas were administered and shortly thereafter hooked up to a bag of IV fluid.

The IV fluid we chose, in consultation with the IV lounge staff, promised to give our metabolisms a boost to burn more fat with a mix of 3 different elements administered in a 500ml saline drip.

The staff recommended we boost our treatment with a Slim Shot and an extra boost of B12.

During the treatment, we felt really relaxed, kind of like the feeling you get after your first glass of champagne, and gained a sense of clarity like we had woken up from a really good sleep.

After the treatments were finished it was like we were walking around in this good mood. We were smiling for no reason and there was a real feeling of enjoyment.

Over the next few days, that feeling continued and we noticed our skin felt softer and, for want of a better word, plump.

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While we enjoyed the benefits of IV treatment, one of the best things about the whole process was all the papering. It was really nice just to sit back and be pampered and fussed over during our treatment.


We’re pretty sure this is what you all want to know about. Will it be good for my hangover?

The IV Lounge says that their special hangover treatment will alleviate your headache or nausea and re-hydrate to get you back to your day fast.

So the answer is, yes!


When you make a booking with the IV Lounge in Newcastle, just let them know you have a festival ticket, make sure you’ve got it with you when you attend your appointment and you’ll get 20% off your booking… It’s as simple as that!


Address: Unit 1, 8 Fleming Street Wickham NSW 2293

Written by Newcastle Live

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