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Interview: Laura New Blanc de Blanc

When it comes to champagne, Blanc de Blanc is the choice of true connoisseurs.  So it’s only fitting that when Newcastle Live had the opportunity to speak with one of the performers from Blanc de Blanc in the Spiegeltent that we spoke to the Bubbly Blonde herself – Laura New.

Blanc de Blanc offers a heady mix of cabaret and acrobatics, with a titillating sliver of nudity to add to its risqué edge. They’ve played sold-out shows from London’s West End to the Sydney Opera House and now they’re coming to Newcastle to dazzle in the Fortuna Spiegeltent.

It’s the performers who add their own shot of something special to this heady performance mix, so we had to ask Laura what it’s like being part of this sumptuous spectacular.

Originally from Sydney, Laura travelled to the US to dance and, in a fairytale story all of her own, ended up performing with big names such as Pitbull, LMFAO, Black Eyed Peas and on Dancing With The Stars. “I created my own lane and took myself to Hollywood and was lucky enough to start working straight away,” Laura says. “I’ve danced in all different mediums and coming back to the cabaret style is something that I haven’t done for a while. And it’s even better coming back to my home country so my family can come along and see that I’ve followed my dreams and made things happen.”

Having danced before a US television audience of over 14 million, Laura is excited about performing in the much more intimate surrounds of the Spiegeltent. “Performing in this venue is so magical, it has so much history. You come in and right away you know that you’re somewhere exciting and that you’re about to be taken on a wild ride.”

The intimate nature of the Spiegeltent brings the audience right up close to the performers – so much so that the audience help make the event special. “In some shows people come in not knowing much about what to expect, while others will have seen quite a few shows before – it’s a really great mix,” Laura says. “I think that if you’re up for a good night out and you like champagne and international performers then you’ll really like our show.”

“Blanc de Blanc is a bubbly party: it starts off really sophisticated and elegant with a real 1920s vibe. But things get messy pretty quickly,” Laura adds with a giggle. “My balloon act is where things really start to unravel. By that part of the show I’ve had a little too much champagne and I pop a few balloons and things start to come off.”

So what can we expect as the night rolls on? “The second half of the show is a dizzying mix of corks popping, a balloon dress and a champagne body fountain… but I’d better leave something to the imagination.”

The pace of Blanc de Blanc veers from moments that make you hold your breath in awe at extraordinary acrobatic feats, to vivid explosions of laughter thanks to the naughtier, more hilarious moments. “There’s so much talent in the show,” says Laura. “We have an incredible aerial duo, a comedian from New York and our host Spencer who has a very sophisticated vibe that we’re always trying to shake up.”

“All of the cast bring their unique personalties to the show and take you on a journey of craziness,” Laura says.

It’s rare to have a venue that travels around the country with you, but that’s what the Spiegeltent is. “It has so much history,” Laura says. “I love performing in the Spiegeltent because it’s just so intimate. We know it so well that we can run around, climbing over chairs and hanging from the ceiling. It’s a special place we have.”

You can catch Laura and the Blanc de Blanc crew in Newcastle at the Spiegeltent from March 27 to April 15. Tickets available now.

Written by Linda Drummond