INTERVIEW: Josh Rennie Hynes

Following the release of his acclaimed debut 2014 Album ‘February’ Josh Rennie-Hynes will be sharing tracks from his second album ‘Furthermore’ on September 29 live at The Stag & Hunter in  Mayfield. 

We caught up with Josh yesterday for a quick Q and A.

1 – Furthermore would have to be one of the best names for a second album ever. What do you feel you wanted to say on your last outing that you didn’t get to?

Thank you! Many things. I’ve basically been touring since I released my First Album ‘February’ in 2014. So a lot had happened in my life in that time. Lots of places, people, stories and songs. And, Furthermore…..

2 – You recorded this in your studio on the family farm over three weeks. Tell us about isolation, and working quickly and why you chose to work like that?

Yeah, I recorded it all on my family farm up in Queensland. I’ve got a small studio up there. I enlisted the help of my friend, Steve Grady and we basically played, recorded and engineered the whole record ourselves, then added some overdubs on at the end. I didn’t want any distractions, I just wanted to wholly invest myself in the process and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

3 – What’s one thing about being an independent musician that you wish the general public knew?

How much it really means to us when people come out to shows and purchase our Music or Merchandise. It funds us directly and allows us to keep making music.

4 – To download or not to download. Where do you stand on the industry of purchasing recorded music?

I don’t know, it’s a double edged sword. I use Spotify for its ease and accessibility. But it’s basically eradicated another stream of income for Musicians and Artists. More and more people aren’t buying CD’s at shows, either. It’s a strange time to be in the music game and it’s becoming increasingly harder to make a living, but what can you do? Just keep creating the best Art that you can and say FTW, while eating your bowl of Weetbix for dinner I say.

5 – Tell us about writing with Steve Grady. When can we hear something?

We just spent three weeks together in the US, tripping around, camping and writing. We had an incredible time and wrote an Albums worth of songs. We’ll try and get them recorded before the year is out, if all goes to plan. We’re both really excited about the songs we wrote. Hopefully they’ll see the light of the day in the near future.

WHO: Josh Rennie Hynes
WHEN: September 29
WHERE: Stag & Hunter Hotel

Written by Newcastle Live

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