INTERVIEW: Damien Leith celebrates 10 years in the industry

2006 was a big year for Irish born, Australian entertainer, Damien Leith. He was catapulted into the public psyche when he won Australian Idol, and his son Jarvis was born. Damien will showcase the highlights of the last decade of his life in a show that hits Lizotte’s in Lambton on August 26.

The Winner’s Journey – 10th Anniversary Tour, will not only include a look back at the music throughout Damien’s career, but will also feature some rare songs and a lot of untold stories that have brought him from 2006 up to today.

And to throw caution to the wind, e’s asking his fans to write the setlist.

“Before each concert I’ll also be asking for audiences requests online via my Facebook page.” he tells us.

But does that mean we can request the infamous version of the Kool & the Gang classic, Celebration?

“Oh I don’t know if I’ll be doing that one” he laughs.

But it is perhaps moments like “the Celebration incident” which have really endeared Damien to his fans. He never shies away from being himself, he’s honest and he loves to give back to the fans who have bought his albums and come to his shows.

“It’s all about the fans for me, and that’s why asking them to request songs for the tour makes so much sense”.

There is no doubt Damien Leith’s The Winner’s Journey – 10th Anniversary Tour is going to be an unforgettable experience for both the acclaimed musician and his fans alike.

Tickets to the show at Lizotte’s are on sale now via their website.