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In defence of Harry Potter

I don’t exactly know when or where it happened but um excuse me… is Harry Potter not cool anymore? I work in a bookshop right (for context) and I am always waiting, wishing, and hoping that someone will bring up Harry Potter. But honestly, no one ever does. When kids come in asking for recommendations for books, I ask if they have read the series. The answer is usually “nah I’ve see the movies”.

Let’s get one thing straight, the movie is not the flipping same as the book kids! One young customer actually said to me “the books changed the movie lines and quotes and that so I didn’t like them”. I’ll let that sink in a bit.

Personally, Harry Potter is timeless and exactly what we need in this strange and messed up world. Magic, imagination, reading, books, story time, wizards, Quidditch, all the things! So why isn’t our favourite four eyes wizard cool or hip anymore?

Sure, there are some die hard fans out there (I mean I’m watching Harry Potter whilst I write this, and I am also re-reading the series for the 5th (500th whatever) time. But surely it’s not just me? Surely there are masses of humans (hopefully including some born after 1990) that love Harry Potter?

Are we all that jaded and just too cool that we don’t want to engage in a bit of frivolity? Do we not have time to read, or watch? Sounds fake because I know y’all are binging about a billion and one shows on Netflix right now. We need to make time for things that are outside ourselves. We need an escape, an out, something to look forward to when we get home from a hard day of reality.

I’m challenging everyone this week to read, watch, and engage with Harry Potter. Or at least something that will spark your imagination. Please. For all our sakes. The Wizarding world misses you!