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IN BED WITH TIMBERLINA: Your sex and relationship questions answered!

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Hello there and welcome back to In Bed with Timberlina!

With all the rave reviews my advice, yes advice, (I know! It’s surprising, but I’m totally not a professional!) have been getting, I am back again to respond to some of your deepest darkest thoughts, questions and overall queries related to sex, sex and umm anything and everything in between.

So, without any urther ado, let’s get straight… or should I say gay, into it…..

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I am in a committed relationship and it’s something that I truly value. However, my significant other is a tad conservative in the boudoir and my tastes are a little more ‘adventurous.’ I’m really keen to explore some of these fantasies with my partner but I’m unsure of how to brooch the subject. HELP!Thrillseeker in Thornton

For me, honesty is key!

If you are wanting to be a bit subtle, I would recommend slowly introducing toys into the relationship so it doesn’t get overwhelming, or maybe leave hints around like leave some porn open on your phone and ask them to hand it to you so they see.

It might prompt some convos or you could even use some fake examples to get your preferences across, like: “Sally [or whatever fictional name you desire] was telling me they are using this toy in the bedroom and it’s getting them really excited,” just as a passing comment.

See where it takes you!

I have a very strong, sinking feeling that my partner of 10 years is cheating. What are the tell-tale signs, and is it ok for me to snoop through their phone?Suspicious in Shortland

OHHHH this is the worst feeling! Firstly – have a conversation with your partner! DO NOT SNOOP, think about it from your view. How would you feel if they went snooping? You wouldn’t like it.

I think you need to have a conversation to see if there is anything up they would like to discuss, it will help break down any barriers you may have and open some discussions points you may need to change in the relationship.

If they are defensive and dismissive of your comments, try to explain why you are thinking that they may be cheating and tell them you need reassurance. They should understand this and provide you with what you need. As I always say – honesty is key!

The guy I’m in a relationship with gets attracted by girls with good figures, I’m not sure if he’s that happy with mine. What do I do?Anxious in Astonfield

Don’t get me wrong, I am single AF, but I check out people all the time. So I am sure it happens in relationships. BUT he is your partner for a reason, he loves you for you!

So instead of worrying about what people are thinking, maybe you need to do some self-love, go buy a new set of lingerie to make you feel good about yourself, give yourself some love!

And it will even show through into the relationship! P.S RELATIONSHIPS AREN’T ALWAYS ABOUT LOOKS! 

So I’ve been on a couple of dates with this guy I really like and I think he likes me too. Yay. He’s expressed interest in going out on a third date but he has yet to call to make the plans. Am I weird for thinking that I have to wait for the guy to ask me out?  – Forward in Floraville

Its 2021! If you think there are feelings between you two, maybe he is worried that you don’t like him, maybe he is anxious, who knows?

I think you just need to ask. Remember –  the worst thing that’s going to come of it, is they are going to be like: ‘Nah not feeling it,’ or even better they will be less anxious about the next date!


My boyfriend just expressed interest in having a threesome with me and my best friend. I’m not necessarily opposed to it but feeling a little weirded out that it may affect my relationship with my bestie, Help!Third Wheel in Floraville.

This month’s questions all come back to have a conversation – I’ll say it again – honesty is key! I think you should organise a girly night out with your bestie, have some cocktails and make a joke about it “you would never guess what Tom [or whatever your beau’s name is] said, etc. etc.” and see what she says? You will be able to get the feeling right then and there, you need to involve the third person in the decision making. 

The second month in and all I can say is JUICYYYYYY! I hope my advice has helped many out there, if you want to send in your questions you can DM me on Instagram @thetimberlina or email me at!

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