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IN BED WITH TIMBERLINA: Sex, relationships and everything in between!

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Hello there and welcome to the very first In Bed with Timberlina!

Before you get too excited, I’m sorry to say you aren’t actually getting into bed with me, but I am going to be answering some of your deepest darkest thoughts, questions and overall queries related to sex, sex and umm, anything and everything in between.

So let’s get straight… or should I say gay, into it!

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My partner is ALWAYS in the mood, but after a busy day of work, school drop off/pickups, homework, dinner and bed routines, sex is the last thing on my mind! How can we somehow meet in the middle?  – Tired in Toronto

DOLL DOLL DOLL! UMMMM maybe he can help with the drops off/pickups and dinner, so by the time you both get to bed, you can get into the mood together. And then, since maybe you will both be a little tired, introduce some toys to get some spice going?

We all know you need to be stimulated not just pounded! Also maybe suggest to him to send you loving, teasing messages throughout the day, it may just get you in the mood.

My girlfriend identifies as bi and has only ever been with women before. How can I (a straight man) make sure I am fulfilling all of her needs? – Insecure in Islington

I feel this one can be boiled down to simply being yourself. She wants to be with you because of the person you are.

If you feel like you aren’t pleasuring her in the bedroom, ASK HER QUESTIONS before you get in the sheets. Ask what she likes, let her guide you. The more communication the better.

Then you are pleasing both sides!

I’m a straight girl but I really like looking at lesbian porn. Am I weird? Does that make me secretly queer? Confused in Carrington

Not weird at all! Choosing the porn you watch doesn’t make you any less of how you identify, it just makes you know what you like. Maybe you watch it because they know what they are doing and you want that to happen to you.

When you are next with a guy maybe take control, and guide them into how you want it. BUT the key point here is you are not weird, you are amazing and keep watching that lesbian porn if it gets you going!!!!!!!

Also, straight porn really has a focus on male pleasure as it’s typically geared toward men (which it shouldn’t be), whereas lesbian porn focuses on female pleasure – this could be a big factor in your preferences!

I’m in love with my (much older) boss. We are both in relationships but I can’t stop thinking about him. HELP! – Smitten in Sandgate

Ohhhhh tricky, but I always say ‘do not date in the workplace’.I feel it always ends really badly!

Maybe you are missing something in the relationship that your boss gives you? Maybe try some role play to see, if it is the boss telling you what to do, or is it the older guy thing?

If those aren’t helping, all I’ve got to say is don’t get drunk at a work party and try and lay one on them, it will turn to shit. Totally speaking from experience here!

My best friend has recently started sending me some pretty suggestive texts. I don’t feel the same way, how can I let her down without hurting the friendship?Friendzone in Floraville

Honesty is always the best policy. Just let her know that you don’t have feelings for her, go for coffee or dinner. I think making it drag on forever will cause more hurt to the friendship.

But don’t act all weird, just be yourself as you were friends before. Trust me – she will appreciate the open communication rather than you pretending not to notice.

What a banger round of questions for the first month! I hope my advice has helped many out there. If you want to send in your questions you can DM me on Instagram @thetimberlina or email

Want to see me in person? Catch me every Thursday at 5 Sawyers, Every second Wednesday at Overtime Bar and Café and keep up to date on Facebook and Instagram.

Glittery Love,