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In Bed With Timberlina: All your questions about relationships and sex answered!

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Hello there! Welcome back to In Bed with Timberlina. Well, those rave reviews of my advice, yes advice, are coming thick and fast. I know it’s surprising but I’m totally not a professional

I am back again to respond to some of your deepest darkest thoughts, questions and overall queries related to fantasies, love interests, sex and umm anything and everything in between.

So let’s get straight… or should I say gay, into it!

My 16-year-old son recently came out as gay. I really want to support him but is there such a thing as being TOO supportive? I don’t want to come off as being pushy.Supportive in Stockton

Honestly – yes! There is such a thing as being TOO supportive. I am sure you know your own child – be observant, take the hints, the body language, some people don’t want to make it a big deal, some do, and I am sure you will know whether your child wants it or not!

Everyone is different and there is really isn’t a ‘one-way suits all’ for this. The most important thing is just to make sure they know you are there for them.

 I just found out that my partner has been carrying on a sexual cyber relationship with another woman and, while I definitely feel betrayed, I don’t think I’m as upset as I would be if it were physical. Is cybersex cheating?Betrayed in Beresfield.

Cybersex is totally cheating. Your partner is obviously looking for the affection and attention from someone, as they may not be getting within the current relationship.

I would say sit down and have a conversation about it, maybe their turn on is chatting to someone online, so maybe you two need to get into sexting?

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I find myself fantasising about a work colleague OFTEN even though I’m happily married and can’t really see myself acting out these fantasies. Am I a bad hubby?Wandering Eye in Warners Bay

I mean who hasn’t fantasised over another work colleague? I don’t think it’s harmful, as long as it’s just you are only fantasising over them and you are absolutely sure that you are not actually attempting to do anything!

I see it just like something fantasising over a celebrity.

I’m interested in the concept of an open relationship but I’ve seen it go badly for couples in the past. Is non-monogamy realistic? Can you really be open and stay together?Three’s Company in Thornton

Yes you can totally be in an open relationship and stay together. I think the most successful open relationships is that they communicate about it, they don’t just do random hook ups.

As always with my advice, COMMUNICATION IS KEY! This is a recurring theme each month. If it’s all really thought out and very open, and you are both happy with the parameters you’ve set, GET IT!

It’s an OPEN relationship so be very open to communicating and letting each other know how you feel. I believe it all goes south when someone starts to be sneaky!

I’m in a new relationship and we recently did the ‘compare the sexual history thing’. Turns out, I’ve had way more sexual partners than he has, and now I get the feeling he thinks he’s somehow inadequate. How do I reassure him this is not the case? Experienced in Edgeworth

OHHHHHHH from me to you, I do not keep count, but that doesn’t make me any better than someone who has never had any!

The number of sexual partners doesn’t make you best in bed. He may have more loving and sexual partners, where he really connects with them and the sex is actually amazing! I don’t think anyone should compare themselves. We are all different and I think you can teach other new tricks ☺

I think to help him feel more comfortable just make sure that you vocalise what you like about his sexual prowess. Let him know that what he is doing is making you happy and fulfilled (so long as you are!).

WHATTTT? 3 months in already?!?

I am loving these questions,  I hope my advice has helped many out there, if you want to send in your questions you can DM me on Instagram @thetimberlina or email at

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Glittery Love,