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IN BED WITH TIMBERLINA: All your sex and relationship questions answered

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Hello there! Welcome back to “In Bed with Timberlina”.

With all the raving reviews of my advice, yes advice, (I know it’s surprising but I’m totally not a professional) I am back again to respond to some of your deepest darkest thoughts, questions and overall queries related to fantasies, love interests, sex and umm anything and everything in between.

So let’s get straight… or should I say gay, into it…

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I’m pretty sure a good friend of mine is trying to steal my man. We’ve been together for about a month and I’ve noticed that she has dropped a few flirty comments on his insta and just generally fawning over him. I know he is a catch but I don’t know how to approach this one because if I’m wrong I risk losing my man and my friend. HELP!

– Suspicious in Singleton

Ohh what a way to start the new month! GIRLLLLL! I would just make a little joke about it with her like, “haha flirting with my man I see”, just to see how she reattacks you will soon find out if she has feelings or not.

But you may be overthinking it, so take it easy and it may blow over.

I’ve been single for about a year now- something that I’m kinda fine with TBH after a couple of bad relationships, but it seems it’s something my coupled up work colleagues can’t seem to get past. Any time there’s mention of anything ‘relationshipy’ in the office they cast sad puppy dog eyes in my direction as if to say ‘one day – you’ve just got to have faith.’ How do I navigate this behaviour and all the why are you single questions without sounding like a cranky old matron?

– Independent in Islington

I say sound like a cranky old matron, why are people asking that question? It is almost as bad as asking when someone is having kids?

One… None of their business and two… None of their business.

I would just politely excuse yourself from the conversation and they will slowly reason its none of their business

I’ve been with my partner for a couple of months now and everything is going swimmingly except for one thing – he’s a total cheapskate. Now I’m no fancy pants but a romantic meal for two is rarely off to a good start with a large Hungry Jacks Family Bundle as its foundation.  He has a really good job so it’s not that he can’t afford to splurge every now and then (like I have for him). How do bring it up without sounding like a soiled diva?

– Refined in Rutherford

This question came to the wrong DIVA!

I would just stop spoiling him with amazing outings or just say I have booked date night and say it’s somewhere fancy and when it comes to paying I would just be like I got last time! OR I would be like did you see where “insert another friends partner” took “ insert friends name” last night? It looks amazing we should check it out and if he doesn’t get those hints just straight say you are a cheapskate and it’s not sexy.

I think my partner is ashamed of me. When we are alone she’s always quick with a cute pet name and carefree displays of affection, but in public it’s a different story…matter of fact tone,  refusing to hold hands and she almost seems to recoil a bit when I introduce her to people as my GF. I’m not all that experienced in the relationship stakes so a bit unsure how to bring it up. HELP!

Rejected in Rankin Park

This could just come down to nerves and maybe trust issues, she could be so happy with you one on one but in public, she may feel people are judging her for having a beautiful partner that she loves and doesn’t want them to feel bad.

There could be many different scenarios. The best thing would be to mention in a conversation so you both know what’s happening or it may cause some trust issues in the future!


I recently busted my best mate cheating on his GF of five years and now I’m stuck in the middle. Great! She’s a really great girl I HATE keeping her in the dark, but he’s been my best mate for most of our lives and he is BEGGING me not to spill the beans. What to do?

– Classified in Carrington

Just saying your mate is a dick and I would say to him if you aren’t going to tell her and be honest with her, I will have to say something.

I would say if you haven’t told her by next week I will have to come clean, it’s not right for you to have to hide his secret. Just think if your partner was cheating on your and their best friend knew! You would be very pissed off!


I swear the questions get juicier every month! I am loving these questions, I hope my advice has helped many out there.

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