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Humble Hive Collective are ABUZZ about sharing the love of beekeeping!

When Benjamin and Julia Durie, decided to get to work creating a veggie patch in the backyard of their Lorn home, little did they know that their next consuming passion was buzzing just around the corner.

“We had a little problem with our veggie patch in the backyard. When we moved, Julia, being the green thumb that she is, went hard at it and dug up the soil, and we put a lot of effort and energy into making this amazing patch. We had some amazingly tall vines but there was no produce hanging off it,” Ben told Newcastle Live.

“We thought we cant keep flogging our guts with no return but once we started doing our research – with my background as a teacher I’m a little bit nerdy in that way – we got real deep real quick and decided that we wanted to buy a hive.

“That hive turned into two hives but you can only put so many on a quarter acre block so we started looking for other projects that we could help with. We ended up supporting our friends around and before you know it we’ve got a bunch of hives all over the shop.”

And so began The Humble Hive Collective – a community of like-minded bee enthusiasts who aim to shine a spotlight on all aspects of. beekeeping while educating people about the importance of bees in our delicate ecosystem.

“The main thing we really enjoy in the Humble Hive Collective is sharing that life-changing moment that happened for us,” Ben said.

“Yes, we enjoy collecting honey and all that stuff, but at the core, it’s all about getting that message out.”

In that spirit The Humble Hive Collective have embarked on their latest initiative – Share Hives – which Ben explained was a great way for people who are, for whatever reason, to host their own hive, to still enjoy the benefits of beekeeping.

“One of the things we really enjoy is the education side of Humble Hives – getting out and talking to people about beekeeping, and part of that experience is we pack the honey and bring it to people who don’t have hives,” Ben said.

“We found there were a lot of people who were keen on beekeeping but there were a lot of obstacles in their way – they couldn’t put a hive in their backyard or on the verandah, or they live in an apartment.

“Share Hives is something that’s always been in the back of our minds. We’d been trying to think about how we can complement what we already do and bring that story to folks who maybe have hit one of those obstacles in the past.”

The concept is brilliant in its simplicity. Budding apiarists can dip their toe into beekeeping by signing up to support one of the Humble Hives (helmed by Queen G, Queen Bobby, Queen D, and Queen Lexi) and receive timely updates on the hive’s progress while also enjoying the fruits of each hive.

“You can become a Hive Member for $25 a month and you own a part of that hive. You also receive a monthly newsletter with hive updates, monthly live streams so you’re there when we open the roof of the hive, you’ll get invites to hive side experiences as well as hive gifts on a bi-monthly basis – anything we take out of the hive from pollen right through to beeswax candles that we make will come as gifts straight to your door including, of course, the honey,” Ben said.

He added that you can also sign up for free to become a Hive Supporter, which grants access to a hive specific monthly newsletter, monthly live streams and access to discounts from the Humble Hive Collective and collaborating partners.

“We want to share the adventure of beekeeping with a community of people who want to come with us on an exciting journey,” Ben said.

“We see bees as the catalyst for changing one’s view of the world, the environment and community. It is also a new way of connecting consumers with their produce – and who wouldn’t want to share that?”

For more information on The Humble Hive Collective and to sign up to support a Share Hive, head here.