How to survive the beach as the temperature drops.

Believe it or not, you can enjoy the beach all year round (especially in Newcastle). In fact, sometimes the beach is even better in winter and autumn than it is in summer. It’s less crowded, the whole place just seems a little serene, and a sense of calm seems to take over as soon as you walk on the sand. So, here are our top 5 ways to survive the beach as the temperature drops.

Sometimes it’s actually warmer in the water

It’s actually true, and not just some yarn your Dad liked to spin when you were younger. It might be windy and chilly up on the sand, but diving under a wave in winter, can sometimes be a delightfully warm relief away from the chaos of the world.

Hot coffee, long walk.

Nothing quite says a way to start the day than a long walk on the beach with a hot coffee. Why not head to Newcastle Beach and grab something from the Kiosk. Or if Bar Beach is more your thang why not add some avo on toast as well and treat your god damn self. (Don’t forget your keep cup).

Wait just that little bit longer for your morning walk

If you have the time, and the luxury to do so, why not wait that little bit longer to take that walk of a morning? It’s always freezing right before the sun comes up so spend those extra minutes under the blankets before you head out into the world. Your body will thank you for it. Oh and speaking of blankets…

Forget a jumper, take a blanket.

I wouldn’t even look twice at someone who is walking along the beach wearing a blanket. In fact I would call that person very smart and on the ball oh and most of all warm. Blankets and the beach can also be super romantic because they are usually big enough, and comfy enough, that you can walk along with the other end draped over your number one bae’s shoulder. How lovely.

Or… Why not just embrace the cold?

Look, global warming is a real thing, and who knows how much cold weather we will have in the future? Why not take the chance to actually embrace the colder weather? There’s nothing like a fresh breeze in the morning to make you feel alive and really kick start your day off on the right foot. Sure, wear a beanie, wear a jumper (lets not get ridiculous here) but feel that breeze on your face and take a moment just for you.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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