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Hiss & Crackle’s hot tips for Record Store Day

Record Store Day is almost here and Mitch from Wallsend’s Hiss & Crackle has given us his hot tips on how to make the most of the day.

Mitch will be throwing open the doors on Saturday, 12 June at 8 am and the first 30 people through the store will get a free coffee! Hiss & Crackle will also be selling limited releases for the day including two very special 7-inches from their own label featuring Newcastle’s Lili Crane & Dave The Band. Both releases feature exclusive physical release only tracks too. But you’ll want to get in quick!

Check out Mitch’s tips below….

Be prepared

Most stores will post on social media the night before to show you what releases they were lucky enough to get in. So, you should have your wishlist ready but be prepared that you may not get that release you’ve set your heart on. This is where a backup comes in handy. Having a list of other releases you want to grab if your number one choice has already sold out will mean your trip to town for Record Store Day won’t be wasted.

Know your store

You should know your record store’s layout before you rock up. Hiss & Crackle put our Record Store Day releases under the artists where the normal stock would be, but other stores may do it differently. Having a browse through your favourite record store before the big day, and asking the staff a few questions is a must.

Get in early

Some record shops, like Hiss & Crackle, open as early as 8 am. And as they say, the early bird definitely gets the worm. We’ve had a customer that was 5th in our lineup miss out on their ideal Record Store Day release. So be warned and don’t complain to the staff in the store when you wander in at lunch.

Don’t flick on an empty stomach

Take supplies or get an early breakfast into you. Trust us, you don’t want to flick while your stomach is groaning.

Make a day of it

After the rush what are your plans? Maybe you could duck off to another store to see if you can grab an elusive press or you stay around at Hiss & Crackle for the festivities. We’ve got live music on our in-store stage from 12 noon with Title On The Screen, The Shadow Cast and Lili Crane and band. Plus we’ll have plus the DJ Booboomuck spinning tunes throughout the day too.

Hiss & Crackle Record Store Day

DATE: Saturday, 12 June
TIME: Doors open at 8:00 am
ADDRESS: 117 Nelson Street Shop 5 (Tyrrell Street Entry, Wallsend NSW 2287