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HELLO, NEW-VOCASTRIANS: A Beginner’s Guide to Newcastle

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to see Newcastle with fresh eyes? To move here without knowing what to do or where to turn or who to be?

We have, oh we suuuurrreee have, and came up with a list of top 10 must-knows for new Novocastrians. (Also look out next week for our – ‘you know you’re a Novocastrian when…’

1. Jersey

This is obviously a must-have item. Whether it’s the Jets or the Knight or even a local side that you’ve never even heard of but their colours look cool and they seem to win a lot, you have to get yourself a jersey.

Wear it loud and wear it proud and do that thing where you kiss the emblem, that tends to go down a treat.

2. ’97, ’01, and ’19

Speaking of sports. These are very very important years for Novocastrians. ’97 and ’01 were triumphant wins for the Knights (up the Knights!) and although it may take a while, you’ll soon learn to master that nostalgic glint in your eye whenever someone mentions these two particular winning seasons.

It also pays to mention things like Joey and the brothers, and slippery as a fish. Just don’t mention skateboarding or king street. As for ’19 we’re on a red hot streak here kids let’s keep it up huh?

Carnnn boyssszzz!

3. Tram, rail, transport

Transport has always been a red hot issue here in Newy, and with the inclusion of the new light rail line, it’s something people love to y’all about.

Whether you’re for or against the rail line, someone will always bring up the glory days of the Newcastle Station (which is actually now a bustling little business hub. A nice turn of events, huh?)

4. But which end?

How do you know if someone is from the East End? They’ll tell you about it. And damn right too, the views are amazing and that end of town pays host to the best coffee even if I do say so myself.

Even from this little paragraph you can see how loyal people are to their neighbourhoods. Choose wisely dear friend. Choose wisely.

5. Coffee and cafe culture

Speaking of coffee and cafe culture. Newcastle LOVES coffee. We love it. There’s a cafe on every corner but the good coffee is what we’re really all about.

You’ll find your favourite place though, and soon enough you’ll be declaring it’s the best coffee in town. (FYI New Slang is my current hot hot)

6. Earthquakes, coal and steel mills

Newcastle is known for a lot of things. Just remember earthquake – 1989, Coal – Always and Steel Mills (RIP BHP).

7. Live music

The only thing we love as much as we love our coffee is our live music. Newy has a host of great local venues with artists playing ORIGINAL music on the regular.

Find your fav and fast.

8. Pasha Bulka and that storm

You’ve probably seen the photos on the internet. The ones that look like our town is photoshopped to include a giant ship and some idiot surfing in the wake of the waves. It actually happened. It was a mighty big storm too but mostly a royal cock up.

9. Quirky side of life

Newcastle has always been a little bit quirky. A bit different, on the fringe and damn proud of it.

Embrace it. Always and forever.

10. The Beaches. Always the beaches.

Ok, say it with me. Newcastle is a beach town. A BEACH town. We love our surf and sand and hot chips by the water. We’ll whale watch in winter and surf all day in summer and if you’re on board then heck, what else can we say?

Welcome to Newy.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.