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T’was the night before a very Newcastle Christmas – 2022 Edition

T’was the Night Before Christmas and all through the city,
live music lovers were still feeling shitty.
From the greens at Adamstown Bowlo, not a sound could be heard,
no more live bands because of some turd

So Santa lent over his sleigh down Glebe Road
and lined himself up perfectly as it flowed.
He pissed down the chimney of the complainant with care,
a sign that Saint Nicolas had definitely been there.

And while the children of Newcastle were all snug in their beds,
Santa stopped at The Family to pick up new threads.
A West Best Bloc Fest T-Shirt he soon wore with pride,
“Newcastle Music’s the best” he then cried.

Now back to his sleigh he gave a big whistle
and shot down King Street like a thundering missile.
“Now, DASHER! now, DANCER! now, PRANCER and VIXEN!
It’s the attitude of NIMBYs’ ‘round here that needs fixin’”.

From markets to music to art it was clear,
our city was Santa’s favourite year after year.
He loved both our teams, the Knights and the Jets
And could retire on the harbour with zero regrets.

And we loved him too, with all of his jive,
he’s a dedicated follower of Newcastle Live.
But for Santa’s return, we won’t have to wait long,
he’ll be back incognito to see Elton John.

Merry Christmas, Newcastle!