Have your say on Newcastle’s cycling and parking plans

Do you have strong opinions on parking and the cycle network in the city? Well, you’re a Novocastrian so, there is a distinct possibility that you do .

Well, City of Newcastle (CoN) has recently drafted Cycling and Parking Plans that have been developed in consultation with industry stakeholders who voiced support for a safe and connected cycling network as well as a robust parking management plan that complements efforts to increase walking, cycling and the use of public transport.

CoN Director of Governance David Clarke said he was buoyed by positive stakeholder input and is now looking for community feedback on both plans.

““The Parking Plan outlines actions focused on boosting the efficient utilisation of the City’s 10,600 on-street parking spaces and improving the customer experience,” he said.

“We aim to make the most efficient use of our public streetscapes with this ten-year parking plan, that addresses how to best manage parking demand now and into the future, with the flexibility to adapt to transport trends as our city continues to grow.

“Safety is identified as the number one barrier to people taking up cycling as an alternative to driving in our City and therefore delivering infrastructure and improvements that enhance safety is at the core of our draft Cycling Plan.”

Mr Clarke added that the Parking Plan aims for 85 per cent of the city’s 10,600 on-street parking spaces to be filled, meaning having one in seven spaces free at any yime of the day.

Further, the Cycling Plan acknowledges the surge of interest in cycling in the wake of COVID

“We will ride the wave of this renewed focus and realise the potential that a significant shift to cycling can have for our city, in terms of improving the health of our residents, the amenity of our streetscapes and overall liveability,” he said.

“Most people who responded to our cycling survey ride for recreation purposes.  We are working towards creating a cycling network that makes it fun, safe and convenient to ride for more everyday trips, such as for education or to the local shops. “

It is expected that both the Draft Cycling and Parking Plans will be live on the Have Your Say site by the end of this week and both plans will be on public exhibition until January 2021.

Written by Newcastle Live

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