GOTTA LOVE THIS CITY: Your favourite things about Newcastle

Recently, we asked you, dear reader, to tell us your biggest pet peeves about Novocastria and boy howdy did you tell us!

From a lack of parking to the proliferation of whingers in our fair city, there is certainly no shortage of things in this town that grinds your gears.

But given the dualistic nature of our town, for every negative Nancy, there is a positive Pauline – a fact evidenced when we flipped the script and asked you last week to tell us your favourite things about Newcastle.

And here are some of the things that really make your heart sing when it comes to this corner of the globe.

The Beaches

Of all the jewels in the crown we call Newcastle, our glorious beaches would have to be the shiniest.

We have seven beaches in our LGA – Nobbys, Newcastle, Dixon Park, Merewether and, Susan Gilmore and Bar – each one holding their individual charms and all a shining example of the iconic Australian coastline, which is the envy of the world.

Our beaches also boast some of the most inspiring views in the Hunter region and have been the location where many Novos have made life-long friends.

As one commenter said: “South Newcastle Beach & the friends I’ve made from surfing there.”

The People

There has always been an air of egalitarianism here in Newcastle and the idea of the Aussie “fair go” continues to be an important part of the makeup of the Novocastrian DNA.

This fact was proven by the amount of you who said that it was the people, the denizens of our city that give it it’s heart.

“The people are super friendly,” one of you commented. “Always ready for a chat. Helpful. Considerate. Fun loving. I’ve traveled a lot and I have never met a nicer bunch of people. Love you all. You are the best. I wish I had found this place years ago.”

Music culture

Music has long been and continues to be an integral part of Newcastle culture and one of the highlights of living here according to many of you.

And why not? This town has produced some truly world class acts – Silverchair, Screaming Jets, Heroes, Rabbit, and such modern world beaters as Fritz and The Gooch Palms to name but a few.

Also, you’ve just got to look at the calendar, week to week and spots like The Hamilton Station Hotel to realise that the original music pool in Newcastle is as deep as it is wide.


It seems that you folks are easy to please with many of you declaring that EVERYTHING that Newcastle has to offer was worth spruiking from the rooftops.

“Everything, my husband and I moved here 2 years ago to escape the cold of Bathurst. It was wonderful to find a place that still has a country feel with warmer weather, great food, wine and pubs with great people and exceptional beaches. Wish I found it 20 years ago,” one commenter stated.

Pretty much sums it up, right?

Location, location, location

Newcastle could be considered somewhat of a geographical marvel as it seems to be half an hour of everywhere! Well, not literally but you know what we mean.

If you live in Newcastle, you have picturesque wine country and the coastal splendour of the Lake and Port Stephens at your fingertips and the ‘big smoke’ of Sydney seems to be getting closer each year.

“It doesn’t matter where you live, you are within an hours drive to The Beach, The Vineyards or The Bay,” one Novo commenter said.

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  1. Thanks Newcastle Live. Too much negativity about this town. More articles like this will help bring the city back to life and help keep local businesses alive.

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