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GOLDEN YEARS: Stuff of old we’d love to see again

I’m old enough to say, oh man remember when, but I’m also young enough to appreciate technology. This is a sweet spot as far as I’m concerned. But, there are still certain things, that I am longing, wishing, and hoping will make a comeback. Some are controversial, some are not, but hey. It’s a list. And you’re wasting time at work.

The fanny pack

They are practical, so god damn practical it makes my brain hurt. When everyone was sporting a bum bag, no one lost their keys, or their wallet, or their Nokia 3315. The fanny pack keeps your hands free and your belongings safe. Bring it back! 


There’s lots of talk about the slow audio movement, but the Walkman and the cassette tape era usually gets overlooked. Sad face. The Walkman was a wonderful invention.

It allowed us to not only listen to the music we had always wanted to listen to but to create our own mixes. It’s not the same as Spotify, and as if you could do anything but sit still whilst listening to a Discman. Bring it back! 

Dialup internet

Yah controversial I know, but hear me out. It used to take 20 minutes for a YouTube video to load or a shockwave game to buffer and sort itself out. Think of the things we could get done nowadays in those 20 minutes!

If the internet was slower, we wouldn’t rely on it as heavily as we do now. We’d go outside, take a walk, do something productive with our time. Ya know?

Cargo shorts

This is also another practical request. Cargo shorts are definitely not the in thing anymore, although hipsters make anything hip these days. But think about what we could do with all the pockets.

Like the practicality of the fanny pack, we wouldn’t lose our belongings ever (ever) again. What a dream amirite?

Leg warmers 

It’s winter people, switch on. The shin area is always a tricky part of the body to keep warm. No one likes wearing tights under jeans, or 17 pairs of socks, right? How to combat this? Leg warmers. Obviously. They are 80s retro-chic and you’ll look great. 

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.