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ART ATTACK: You and your kids can get crafty with Art Cart at Home

Who remembers Art Attack? Man, what a brilliant show! That guy could turn the cardboard from inside a toilet roll and a pipe cleaner into a masterpiece in a matter of minutes.

Seriously though, the reason this ’90s television wizardry is so memorable is that arts and crafts, colour, shapes and creativity, in general, is great for young brains. 

So, if you have a young child at home and you are looking to inspire with all things art the team at Newcastle Art Gallery is here to help.

For anyone who has not had a chance to attend a session, back in pre-pandemic times ‘Art Cart’ was a free weekly session. Held on both Saturday and Sunday, between 10.30am to 12:30pm the sessions were hosted by a fabulous Newcastle Art Gallery educator. The host who would show children an original art work and then run them through a hands-on activity.

The activity would take inspiration from the original and see kids creating something to take home. A creation which would often take pride of place on the fridge, or in the ‘pool room’ on return.

It’s a brilliant, super accessible and free art activity. 

Of course, COVID-19 related restrictions have meant that although the Gallery has re-opened, Art Cart has been placed on hold. But never fear, Art Cart at Home is here.

And it is also brilliant!

If you head to the Art Cart at Home section of the Newcastle Art Gallery website you will find handy info sheets that run you through what you need to take part – all things that you would usually have at home anyways.

The info sheet will also show you the original artwork and provide instructions on how to get creative.

For those who like to be visual, jump on the @newcastleartgalleryaustralia Instagram or Facebook for previous examples and some great images.

And most importantly have fun! Oh, and mind the scissors.