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Flotilla navigates towards steady future with new co-head chef Darren Price

Flotilla has announced the appointment of Darren Price as its new co-head chef.

The celebrated chef brings with him an impressive culinary pedigree, having honed his skills in some of the most prestigious kitchens in the Hunter Valley. Most recently, he served as the head chef at the renowned Yellow Billy, where he spent three successful years.

Price will work alongside Chef Jake Deluca to underscore the restaurant’s pursuit of culinary perfection.

“Flotilla has always been about evolution and progress, and with the addition of Darren, our kitchen is now in the hands two of the most promising and established chefs in the Hunter Region,” restaurant operator, Eduardo Molina said.

“We have always worked as a team, without egos and with only the true desire to continue growing and pushing Flotilla forward. We are so lucky to be adding someone as experienced and dedicated as Darren to this team, and we can’t wait to see what he does alongside Jake and the rest of our fantastic kitchen team.”

The timing of Price’s arrival coincides with the launch of Flotilla’s new early winter menu, renowned for its six-weekly rotations that emphasize seasonality and freshness.

Price and Deluca have collaborated closely on this menu, promising a culinary experience that highlights the best of local produce.

Flotilla is located at 9 Albert Street in Wickham. It is open Thursday to Saturday for dinner and Saturday & Sunday for Lunch. For more information visit