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LIFE IN THE FAST LANE: Drive-thru coffee on Maitland Road in Islington

Getting an amazing cup of coffee on your morning commute without getting out of your car at The Fast Lane Drive Thru Coffee on Maitland Road in Islington, will change your whole world. Trust us.

The coffee comes in all flavours and sizes, made by real baristas who actually care about the cup you’re about to drink, and they offer all the milk variations including almond, oat, soy, coconut and lactose-free.

Eftpos is available at the window and there’s also a pre-ordering App for iOS and Android devices.

Already established in other regional centres like Dubbo and Wagga Wagga, The Fast Lane cafe concept was designed and created by a mum and entrepreneur with a love for coffee and limited time.

The idea was simple, fuel busy commuters with well-made espresso coffee and travel snacks, but it’s the service and location of the local Fast Lane Drive Thru Coffee that has really made it a hit in Newcastle.

And people like us who are after a cheeky snack on the way to work, or weekend sport on a cold winter’s day, will be happy to know the Fast Lane menu is stacked with goodies.

Classic cafe snacks like muffins and raisin toast are all there and if you’re looking for something more substantial to fill a bigger hunger hole there are meat pies, sausage rolls and toasties on offer too.

#PROTIP: If you’ve forgotten, or haven’t had time, to make your lunch for the hectic day ahead you can pick up a snack to take to work when you grab your morning coffee.

You can find The Fast Lane Drive Thru Coffee at 141-143 Maitland Road in Islington. Hit their website to download the app and check out the full menu.