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Façon magazine Newcastle Style issue launch: A night of art and fashion

Last Thursday night saw the launch of Façon magazine’s autumn/ winter Newcastle Style issue, held at the Newcastle Art Gallery. The evening brought together fashion and art, as the event was in collaboration with abstract painter Virginia Cuppaidge.

Façon is one of a kind in Newcastle, creating world-class content showcasing some of the most sought after designers. The editor-in-chief, Lara Lupish is truly an inspiration as her dedication and love for her work and brand is incredible.

A lot of hard work is put into creating an independent magazine, and my hat goes off to Lara and her team as they are involved in so many shoots and events, on top of creating the fashion-forward publication.

The Façon team

When asking Lara what is it that keeps her so inspired, she says it is for the support of local creative industries. As Newcastle is a city with a growing creative field, it’s a great opportunity for photographers, editors, models and artists to be included in something with impact.

A launch party is a great way for creatives involved in the publication to come together, the Façon team to celebrate and the excuse for a fabulous runway to occur. Lupish mentioned in her opening speech, that she was inspired by the abstract art of Cuppaidge.

By focusing on bold beautiful colours, the runway looks were a perfect twist of retro ’60s and modern trends. Fresh-faced models graced the runway with style, wearing bold ’60s eyeshadow to pair with their Andy Warhol-like outfits.

By focusing on bold beautiful colours, the runway looks were a perfect twist of retro ’60s and modern trends

Some of the key trends to be found included colourful stockings, oversized jackets and pops of COLOUR! The fluidity between the runway looks and the abstract art of Cuppaidge was a match made in creative heaven!

I spoke briefly to abstract artist, Virginia Cuppaidge who has been living in New York for more than 40 years prior to now. There’s no doubt that her artworks are full off passion and emotion, as she uses colour and shape to express this.

Her art is commonly displayed on huge canvases that are both beautiful and eye-catching.

Xavier, Virginia and Nicholas Cuppaidge

We talked about how the art world and the fashion world is constantly colliding, and Cuppaidge believes that “art influences the fashion world… artists are always looking for something new, something beyond and the fashion world can follow.”

Her words perfectly sum up the creative relationship between fashion and art, as one can be directly inspired by the other.

The Façon x Virginia Cuppaidge event truly was a “night of art and fashion.” From the bold runway looks to the colourful paintings and the energy of the guests, the night was a success!

Combining art and fashion in Newcastle can lead to so many wonderful relationships, with the A/W ’19 launch at the Newcastle Art Gallery is an A-grade example of this.

Virginia Cuppaidge’s exhibition The Nature of Abstraction is on display at Newcastle Art Gallery until Sunday 21 July.

Check out our gallery from the event below