EMPOWER U: Motivating your teenager

If you’re struggling to motivate a teenager or finding it impossible to build their confidence, we’ve got something that could help you out. Empower U is a personal development and life skills program that is aimed at building confidence in your teen while motivating them to better achieve their goals. The great news is, they’re coming to Newcastle!

Dealing with teenagers can be a frustrating process. It can be hard to find any language that doesn’t trigger a hormone fuelled meltdown. Empower U tells us that they may just have the secrets to unlocking the potential in our teens, along with the secret to getting the messages through painlessly. They are bringing their 2 day program to Newcastle this August and we were still young enough we would be getting amongst it!

Empower U is not a boot camp for lazy teens (although we suspect they may be able to help with that too), It’s a program that focuses on personal development and life skills. The 2 day event aims to give teens and young adults confidence and direction to help them achieve their goals. This program is aimed at giving kids the ‘secrets’ they need to achieve greatness in all different aspects of their lives.

Although the program does aim to show the participants how to improve their academic results, it isn’t all about school work. Empower U definitely aims to show your teen how to achieve great things on their education journey but it also aims to give them some life skills that focus on resilience and healthy relationships.

Drawing on the knowledge and experience of some of the world’s top performers, the cofounders have created a program that is well rounded in both the topics covered and attitude toward success. It’s refreshing to see a young adult program that focuses on both education and the importance of forming and maintaining successful relationships.

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To help set our Novocastrian teens up for success, Empower U is offering a 60% discount on their program when you enrol, just enter the code 20YEARS when you click the link below to enrol.

Adults won’t be the only ones impressed with the program. The general feedback among participants seems to be that although many are sceptical at first, they are all genuinely surprised by how much they get out of it. The icing on the cake is that they also have a great time!

To get more information about the program and to hear what some of the kids who attended have to say check out their website and Facebook page.