The Edwards Shop: A Renovators Dream Becomes Reality

On an otherwise drab Thursday, is there anything better to do than check out the new renovations at the Edwards shop? No, the answer is most definitely, no. I’m always on the hunt for vinyl and I really don’t ever need much convincing, but this time I had a legitimate excuse. If you follow the guys on Facebook, you might have noticed that the cozy little store is in the midst of some pretty serious renovations and we went to check out the progress.

The independent record store always has, and always will be the ultimate staple in any music fans repertoire, and the Edwards Shop is the standout in Newcastle.  As soon as you walk in the door, not only are you greeted by Newy’s favourite son Spencer Scott, but the new and improved layout of the shop itself, almost had me cancelling all my future plans. Whereas before, the die hard record store fans could imagine the feeling and the potential of the former store, now this dream has really started to take shape by a wonderful reality, thanks to local legend Chris Dunn and his team.

You just want to browse, you just want to spend hours pouring over titles, and you will walk out with a paper bag full of not only the records you wanted to buy, but the records you never knew you needed.

It’s not just the biggest, newest, most up to date releases either. There’s a designated section for all of your favourite local bands, so you can finally get your hands on the physical copies of the artists that cut their teeth at your local. Ben Leece, Dave., Rachel Maria Cox, and of course Paper Thin just to name a few. This is exactly why local record stores are important. And exactly why you should get yourself to the Edwards Shop immediately.

Sure, you can go to JB Hi Fi, find the record you’re after and pack the pockets of the big corporates, but is that the experience you’re really after? I mean, as a bonus, we were treated to a delightful first listen and sneak peak to a certain test pressing, but more news on that to come.

The Edwards Shop is a place for community, it’s a place for music, it’s a place for you.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.