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PAWS FOR APPLAUSE: Dozer & Co. Pet Food opens its doors in Kotara

Dozer & Co. Pet Food is on a mission to revolutionize how we nourish our best, four-legged, mates.

The new business, which is set to open its doors in Kotara in early April, promises a fresh take on pet nutrition spearheaded by its passionate founder, Shae.

“I started Dozer & Co. after seeing firsthand the incredible benefits of raw and fresh foods for dogs,” Shae said.

“By feeding a biologically appropriate diet, I witnessed better overall health, beautiful soft shiny coats, and no more common itches and allergens.”

Dozer & Co. Pet Food

With two British bulldogs of her own, Dozer and Winnie, Shae’s transition into the world of pet nutrition was a natural evolution.

“For most people, ultra-processed dry food is a staple,” she explained.

“But the more I researched the ingredients and nutrient load, the more apparent it became that there were major gaps between what’s claimed and what’s actually provided and absorbed by the dog.”

At the heart of Dozer & Co.’s ethos lies the commitment to sourcing 100% Australian human-grade proteins, free from preservatives, additives, and fillers. The aim is to help our furry friends to live their best lives.

“Our treats and meats are meticulously selected to ensure they mirror what dogs and cats would have thrived on in the wild. “No gimmicks or corporate marketing—just natural foods for a healthy, happy pet.”

Central to Dozer & Co. Pet Food offerings are treats, supplements, and fresh foods, each meticulously crafted to prioritise the well-being of pets. Their treats are all-natural proteins, dehydrated over three days to preserve nutrients and ensure quality. They are sourced from naturally derived products, avoiding harmful synthetics that can strain your pet’s liver and kidneys.

Fresh food, a cornerstone of Dozer & Co. Pet Food’s philosophy, encompasses a diverse range of proteins, raw meaty bones, and organs—all sourced from Australian suppliers committed to quality and integrity.

“Our mission at Dozer & Co. is simple—elevate the standard of pet nutrition and ensure every wagging tail and purring friend thrives. Join us on this journey towards happier, healthier pets.”

You can find Dozer & Co. Pet Food at 57 Joslin St, in Kotara. Visit for more information.