Doing more for Newcastle: The best ways to love your city

Look I know time’s they be a changing and Bob Dylan May be the antihero of at least one in every three Novocastrians but… why don’t we look at things laterally, huh?

Instead of thinking of ways to tear things down (new projects, businesses etc) why not think of ways you can support this town we all love so much. Here are our top five tips because just like the boys in ’97 we bloody love this town.

1. Find a local business and love a local business

Whether it be an independent cafe or bookshop or retail outlet, you can show your support for local hero’s every single day, just by shopping at their store. You might not think that every little but helps but I promise you it does. Also, I know we’re all fierce loyalists but try somewhere new whenever you can. Shake it up ya know.

2. See your city like a tourist.

You’ll be surprised to discover that Newcastle actually has many a hidden gem. We just see these things every day and fail to notice just how great our city is when we’re flooded with it on the daily. Why not see your city like a tourist and discover something old and make it new?

3. Catch the tram

Controversial, some may say but hear me out. You probably haven’t yet and why not? Why not spend a Sunday doing item point number two and catch the tram while doing so. Maybe you’ll see just how accessible our city really is. Ya dig?

4. Positivity, always forever

Like I said in the intro, instead of being the Debbie downer, why not be the uplifting team spirit we all need? Get on board the whole love your city thing and actually show that you love this city. As a town, as a community, as all the things, we say we’re all about, why not show don’t tell and get behind it. Ya know.

5. Speaking of community

Be a part of it! Why not find your nearest community meeting? Or go to a footy game? (Lord knows the boys could use our support). They say it takes a village to build a community but how about it takes a town to build something great.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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