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DOG DAY OUT: Celebrating pups in art and culture

Lake Mac’s Dog Day Out event is set to celebrate our four-legged friends like never before.

The event is part of the Dobell Festival’s month-long celebration of Sir William Dobell and will focus on the place of dogs in contemporary art, life and culture.

Dogs played a huge role in Dobell’s life, particularly the spaniels that kept him company in his Wangi Wangi home.

“Artists draw and depict what is in the world around them, but dogs are also just stupendously beautiful animals,” local artist, Helen Hopcroft said.

“I think it’s great to reflect on how the dog as a subject is making its way back into contemporary art, whether that’s music, visual art, writing or even to a certain extent theatre.”

The Dog Day Out event will feature pet photography, digital pet sketches, pet portrait painting, a dog-inspired writing workshop and live dog-themed music in the MAC yapang outdoor sculpture park.

Dobell Festival is happening now until the end of the month. The Dog Day Out event will take place on Sunday 30 June at the Museum of Art and Culture yapang. For more information visit