Do you have the Urge to take on the burger from HELL?

Do you love food that makes you sweat? Do you like your meals to be as confronting as they are tasty?

Well, you’re in luck because fast-food chain Burger Urge has unleashed a creation that could have only been created in Satan’s own kitchen.

Yep, for this month, you can assault your taste buds with the Double Decker Death Wish burger – a flaming concoction that is likely to send you on a shamanistic vision quest much like Homer Simpson after he over imbibed at the Chilli Cookoff.

This thing is not for the feint of heart. Two beef patties, jalepenos, cheese, tomato, lettuce pickles and the ominous sounding Death Sauce make up the bulk of this fiery concoction.

Sounds innocuous enough, right. Well, that may be but the addition of atomic hybrid chillies – a heady and sweat-inducing combination of Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion Moruga, Bhut Jolokia, Apocolypse Scorpion, Borg 9 and Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion chillies, pushes this thing well into deadly weapon territory.

So much so that before you are even allowed to sit next to this burger, you’ll need to sign a waiver releasing Burger Urge from any liability in the event that steam starts coming out of your ears and/or your head falls off.

An extra element of safety is added with the addition of goggles and gloves.

Vegos can also enjoy this limited edition creation with a meat-free version also on offer.

The Double Decker Death Wish is available until the end of November.

Burger Urge is located at Stockland Glendale and Stockland Green Hills