Dave Faulkner and Brad Sheppard return to Lizotte’s in February

Dave Faulkner and Brad Sheppard did their first ever acoustic gigs at Lizotte’s last year, and they had so much fun they are back for a second round. We had a chat to Dave ahead of the show on Friday February 6.

We wanted to start out by asking you what made the first gigs he did with Brad a Lizottes’s so much fun?

“I think it’s because we get a chance to stretch out and explore the stories behind the songs. The audience is able to hear more detail in the songs and different qualities and hear the lyrics” he tells me.

Dave goes on to tell us that the shows with Brad are kind of like a Master Class of song writing. They talk about the inspirations for each song before they play it and give audience an insight as to how the song was put together than the process of writing.

“I love writing songs and I want to share that process with the audience” he says.

So what instruments are the boys bringing with them for the show?

“Two acoustic guitars and two electrics. I’ve got a little [Gibson] Les Paul Jr I bought 10 yearrs ago, maybe more… It’s pre SG but it’s got a similar shape. Its got attitude” .

Dave is originally from Western Australia so we wanted to ask him if he thought growing up in Perth had an influence on his songwriting.

“It influenced my career” he say.

“The biggest thing for me growing up in Perth and loving music is that we felt we missed out a lot. Tours and bands just didn’t come to WA. I Guess I had a small chip on my shoulder. I grew up in working class so I’ve always had a “bee in my bonnet” not to judge audiences by were they lived of their social background”.

Is that why he was drawn to punk music early on in his career?

“It was the most exiting music happening at the time. We wanted to immerse ourselves in it but we couldn’t because there was no punk scene in Perth, so we made our own scene”

You can hear more about Dave and Brads careers as they take you through a retrospective of their song writing output at Lizotte’s on Friday February 6.

Written by Newcastle Live

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