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Darby Street transformed by Newcastle’s first interactive light mural

A new interactive light mural has been unveiled in the pedestrian walkway next to Goldberg’s Cafe on Darby Street.

A first of its kind for Newcastle, the mural combines traditional art with modern LED lighting technology.

The collaborative team behind the work included local mural artist Nick Fintan and Jared Lawlor from Herb Urban, who together scouted for the ideal location to bring their vision to life.

“This bold public artwork activates the space with fresh art and interactive LED lighting, inviting visitors to walk through the space to experience the mural, and the changing light colours and timings,” Artist Nick Fintan said.

“The Darby Street Light Mural transforms a once-ignored area into a visually stimulating environment. Public art works have been proven to attract people, increasing the sense of community presence and collective ownership, and ultimately improving safety.”

Initial responses to the interactive light mural have been overwhelmingly positive, with locals and visitors alike marveling at the artistic and technological prowess on display.

You can check out a video of the mural above and take a look for yourself next to Goldbergs Cafe at 141 Darby Street.