Councillor Carl Duncan and Herb Urban Founder Jared Lawlor at the new smart garden on Darby Street
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GROWING OUR OWN: Darby Street gets its very own Smart Community Garden

City Of Newcastle has teamed up with Herb Urban to install a vertical smart garden on Darby Street in Cooks Hill.

Located on the corner of Darby and Swan Street, the architecturally designed plot boasts over 60 plants that are all accessible to the public.

“The announcement of this new garden for the Newcastle Community couldn’t have come at a better time, we welcome people to come and enjoy some of our produce, especially those who are having a hard time sourcing fresh greenery,” founder of Herb Urban, Jared Lawlor said.

“We have already begun installing more greenery along Darby Street, too. You can see one of our Green Beams above Blooms on Darby with more planned in the coming months. We are very excited to connect the city with veins of greenery.”

When data-collecting pieces of the smart garden detect the right conditions, the garden feeds itself with plant food and water automatically.

Herb Urban was awarded Special Business Rate funding from City Of Newcastle to reinvigorate the CBD with veins of living greenery and edible plants.

You can check out the smart garden, set up on the side of the Winning Appliances shop on Darby Street or visit to find out more.