Cooling off in Newcastle (2019 Edition)

I saw one of the spoof headlines the other day which had me lolling for at least 7 minutes. You know those online publications which end up telling the news like it really is and dipped in a layer of delicious sarcasm. This particular headline read something like “seasonably hot weather leaves Australians stunned once again”.

Yes kids it’s summer in Australia which means “it’s bloody hot”. Climate change aside (it’s happening people don’t believe the anti hype) summer in Australia always come thick and fast, leaving our skin dripping with delicious doses of vitamin D (or perhaps sunburn) and probably more hangovers than we’ve had all year.  

How to cool off though? Waves can be scary and pools have chlorine and pee. Wot to do? Try these three alternatives friends and make a day of it.

The bogey hole.

Still a staple for many Novocastrians the bogey hole has everything you need on a hot summers day. Salt water, natural landscape and one hell of a view. Nestled ocean side of King Edward park the bogey hole is an experience you’ll tuck away in the back of your mind once you head back to the office for yet another year.

Newcastle ocean baths.

There is some discussion amongst locals about which baths are better but I’m (of course) siding with the east Enders on this one. I love the Newy ocean baths. There’s sand at the bottom, that amazing grandstand structure to sit and soak up the sun  and the Newcastle kiosk has the best chips. There I said it. What a perfect way to start/end/middle the day.

The baby pool at the end of Bar Beach.

Yes of course I’m going to mention this delicious spot just over the hill. Bar beach is one of Newcastle’s best and provides every swimmer with a soft place to land. The sectioned off chunk of cool salty goodness is perfect any day of the week. If you’re really not a fan of the big beach surf life but have hectic fomo try here. You’ll feel included, cool, and salty all over.

(Bonus round)  Do some googling and make a day trip of it.

The best part about Australia is our landscape and just how many areas are still left uncovered. Why not crack open google maps and run your hands along the coastline? There are so many amazing swimming holes and secret beaches ready for you to dive in (see what I did there?). But also hot tip, don’t be a typical tourist and trash the place. Respect, people.  

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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