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Complaining about Newcastle complaints

It’s not just the Newcastle East Enders who are partial to making a complaint…

It seems pretty ironic for me to be complaining about letters of complaint. I’m sure some people who read Newcastle Live must think that all I do is complain. Sure it might look like complaining but I hope I do it with some sort of articulate purpose and intent as opposed to simply throwing my words about here there and everywhere with no direction or passionate cause. But… that’s exactly what I want to talk about.

I saw a post in the Newcastle Echo Facebook page referring to a flyer that was distributed locally. (Note for those playing at home that yes I do read the Newcastle Echo page because what better way to keep up with the hearts and minds of the town than actually listening to the hearts and minds of the town? Obvs.) Anyway, this particular flyer, which was distributed throughout Islington, was concerning noise restrictions. Yes it’s not just the East Enders who are partial to making a complaint (although I will say no one complains like an East Ender. I can say that because I was an East Ender and I miss it every single day), it’s a wide variety of people who love to complain especially about retaining their peace and tranquillity despite buying a house right near an already existing live music venue.

Is this the best way to go about things, then? Distribute flyers and rant and rave and call for petitions which are basically a call to arms but all this… for a bunch of noise complaints? In the end of the day, the venue has been there a lot longer than you probably have. So…

What if we spent our time campaigning for great live music venues in Newcastle instead of being so hell-bent on finding peace love and serenity in the middle of ya know a city? Or better yet, if we’re going to canvas the neighbourhood let’s canvas for a good cause! When was the last time you saw someone canvas for a charity or something nice or I dunno, just to say a neighbourly g’day?

Leave the complaining to us hey? Because I promise you that these live music venues will always (always) prosper. It’s what Newcastle is all about. Community spirit, getting together etc but let’s make it a positive thing hey? Now that’s something I’d get behind.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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