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CINE-BREAK: Top five movies to check out these school holidays

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Winter school holidays to me have always meant movies. Because the school holidays are long and at least movies take up time. A time where everyone is sitting down and quiet and enjoying themselves.

It also gives you a chance to sit down and have some quiet time yourself. Here are the top five movies you should check out this holidays. (Oh and if you’re looking for some insider info check out our resident reviewer Sue will always have your back.

Toy Story 4

Ok, first of all, this movie is actually hilarious. I laughed, I cried and you will do all of those things. The kids will love the animations, you’ll love the story, and you should go and see it immediately. 

Child’s Play

Come on… who doesn’t love a good horror flick? Better yet, who doesn’t love a good horror flick that is also simultaneously nostalgic? Curiosity alone is enough for me to see this movie and personally I’ve never been more excited. 

Men In Black

Speaking of nostalgia, surely this one has to tick all of the right boxes. The kids will love the aliens, the rest of us will love that Hemsworth guy and we can all be happy.


Because who doesn’t love a sing-along movie? (Note please, please don’t sing along). But If musicals are your thing, or at least musical journey inspired movies, then this is most definitely one you have to check out. 

Wild Rose

Because duh, as you can see, music-themed movies are so in right now, and despite this particular title being a little dark horse, I feel like it’s going to be a huge hit. Indie movies are where it’s at after all!

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.