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GOING GREEN: How Churchills Carpet Court is reducing waste

Over their 76 years in business, Paul Murphy and his team at Churchills Carpet Court have seen all the trends come and go. So when they say they’re excited about a new range of Eco-Carpet which is both high quality and kinder to the planet, you know they’re onto something.

The term ‘regeneration’ is often used as a bit of a buzzword, but the ECONYL carpet range, which you can check out at the Churchills Carpet Court showroom in Hamilton, embraces the regenerative concept by recycling synthetic nylon waste that would otherwise pollute the planet.

Things like fishing nets, old carpet scraps and waste fabric are collected, cleaned, and shredded during a construction method that produces carpet without using harmful chemical treatments.

Using a sustainable Eco-Carpet in your house is not only good for Mother Nature, but it also offers several benefits for your home.


The ECONYL carpets are extremely durable and able to withstand heavy foot traffic. It’s also stained and fade resistant and the dye is spread throughout the yarn, rather than just sitting on top of the fibres, which prevents colour bleeding and retains colour vibrancy over time.

Paul says the other great benefit ECONYL carpets offer is that they’re allergen-friendly.

The regenerative nylon is certified to have low Volatile Organic Compounds which actually improves air quality making it great for people who suffer allergies or respiratory conditions.

But the reason why the Churchills Carpet Court team are so excited about this product is that all these benefits haven’t reduced the quality of the carpet or priced it out of reach for buyers.

You can check out the full range of ECONYL carpets by visiting Paul Murphy and his team at the Churchills Carpet Court showroom at 118 Tudor Street in Hamilton or check them out online at