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CHRISTMAS IN NEWCASTLE: Local Christmas traditions

Christmas on the beach? A Boxing Day walk along the breakwall? What’s your local Christmas tradition?

I am always so curious about what people do over the festive season. For me, my family usually put up our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve (yes controversial I know but it’s our tradition) and have a roast on Christmas day no matter how hot it is. I’m 28 and the Christmas stocking which hangs on my door still gets miraculously filled overnight and is brimming with presents by morning. Although nowadays Santa favours things like household items that don’t fit into the #budgetlife that I am currently living. But what do you do?

There’s also the matter of partners being thrown into the mix. When you’re coupled up with your number one bae, Christmas time can cause a bit of a stir. My sister, for example, isn’t getting home until late on the 23rd this year but I mean I’m not bitter about it at all. Then, of course, the day is usually split into two parts but for me, it’s kind of extra special. I love it when Christmas becomes this whole big shebang and I’m not one to do anything by halves.

I also really love the idea of going to the beach on Christmas day. What could be better than taking your new water-based activity presents to the ocean, soaking up the sun and having a lol with the people you love? But, in saying that. I’ve never once done it. But this year it’s a goal of mine and any red hot tips for fitting everything in would be very much appreciated.

I also know people who don’t do anything at Christmas time. My best mate, for example, loved the idea of simply hanging out with friends and avoiding family forever and always. I’m not so sure about the avoiding family part but I love the idea of getting together with friends, especially those who can’t go home this Christmas and still getting a little festive.

I’ll be getting a Santa photo this year with anyone who will let me drag them to the shopping centre to get a Santa photo. I announced to my partner very early this morning that we would indeed be getting a Santa photo and that there would be no ifs or buts about it.

What about local traditions? What makes Christmas in Newcastle special and unique, despite the beaches of course. What does Christmas in Newy really look like? Is it gearing up for beers on boxing day? Cricket in King Edward Park? Carols here there and everywhere? Going to Waratah shopping centre, looking at the lights and getting ice cream (it’s on our list that’s for sure). Whatever your tradition is, we want to know about it!