Cathrine Britt talks Hometown Hillbilly Sessions with Newcastle Live

Cathrine Britt took some time out to chat with Newcastle Live about hosting the Hometown Hillbilly sessions at the Croatian Wickham Sports Club, cooking and her favourite guitar to write with.

NL: Tell us about the “Home Town Hillbilly Sessions”

CB: I wanted to start a jam night the would inspire creativity, have some fun in my hometown with music and be a place to try out new songs and jam with friends. It’s hosted at the wonderful Croation club in Wickam and we have dinner available to purchase and there is a bar which is all very cheap.
Kids are more than welcome and free and if you wanna have a sing, come along!

NL: We love the promo you used for the first “Home Town Hillbilly Sessions”. Who’s the guy in the photo?

CB: Oh thanks 🙂 It’s my fav, Hank Williams.

NL: What do you think songwriters can learn from jamming with each other?

CB: I have learnt so much from jamming with my peers and it’s so valuable to learn to groove off others and play together.

NL: Do you have a favourite guitar or instrument to write with? And Why?

CB: I love to write and tour with my J200 Gibson, it feels good to play and it sounds a million bucks!

NL: The Croatian Club in Wickham is fast becoming the best un kept secret in Newcastle. Why do you think the room has such a special vibe?

CB: I think it’s just a great community owned and friendly run venue and quite a well kept secret. I have a lot of mates using it for their parties and such. Its so inexpensive and laid back and the perfect place for the jam night.

NL: What do you think about people sharing your music online for free?

CB: I don’t mind really, as long as they become fans and enjoy it 😉

NL: What does the work “Hillbilly” mean to you?

CB: Backwoods, crazy, country and cool all in one!

NL: If you could jam with anyone in the word who would it be?

CB: I’d love to jam with Emmylou Harris and Buddy Miller along with a lot more people haha

NL: You love to cook. What’s your signature dish?

CB: I’m really good at fancy dishes like, stuffed whole salmon and quinoa risotto as well as nailing a fancy spag bowl and lots more. I’m always trying new things!

NL: What advice can you give to someone just starting out in the music business?

CB: Work hard, believe in yourself and know that no-one will do either of those things as much as you will.

The Hometown Hillbilly Sessions are held at the Croatian Wickham Sports Club. Visit Cathrine’s Facebook page for info on the next session.

Written by Dan Beazley

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