BUTT OUT: Things to better spend your money on now you need a bank loan to buy ciggies

News this week that the cost of cigarettes has risen by a whopping 12.5 percent, has no doubt sent already short of breath smokers gasping for air.

All of the health concerns aside, now that the average pack of darts is going to set you back a princely $35 surely there is no better time to put those cancer sticks in the bin – to preserve your wallet’s health, let alone your own.

We live to give here at Newcastle Live so in that spirit, here are some great suggestions for things that you can spend that 35 bucks on instead of the gaspers.

1. Sixteen one-way trips on the light rail

Now that you’ve put down the pack, you’ll be able to use that money to make the most of Newcastle’s newest addition – The Light Rail.

In fact, that 35 bucks will net you just shy of 16 one-way trips from the Newcastle Interchange to Newcastle Beach!

See the city (well part of it), in style and use the opportunity, your new-found wealth and increased lung capacity to hop off the tram, take a walk and explore some of the nooks and crannies that make Newcastle great!

2. All of the streaming services

Now that you’ve been priced out of the smoking game, your fingers are going to need something to keep them occupied.

Well, why not drop that 35 bucks on basic subscriptions to Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime? That way you’re fingers will be too busy clicking the remote, helping you choose from the veritable cornucopia of TV and movie options that await you.

Basic subscriptions for all three will run you a total of $26.99 freeing up an extra eight bucks to put toward that nest egg.

3. Two jugs of beer at the Family Hotel

We love the Family here at Newcastle Live and we’re also quite the fans of beer. So it’s no surprise that the fact you can grab a jug at this Hunter Street watering hole for just $15 all day, every-day made this list.

For the price of your packet, you can grab two pitchers of your favourite amber ale and sit in the beer garden reflecting on your wise life choices.

Treat yo self!

4. Park in the city like a boss

There has been a fair amount of chatter in Newcastle of late about the price and availability of parking.

While putting down those expensive smokes isn’t going to solve the number of spaces available, it will certainly help your hip pocket when parking in town.

During the week, parking is going to cost you around four bucks per hour so that extra cash is going to allow you to park in town for a mind-melting eight hours!

That’s a whole work day!

5. A Henny Penny hunger buster box

Check out this bad boy! And for LESS than the price of a pack of smokes, it could be all yours.

You tell us, what actually tastes better the acrid smoke from your Winnie Blue or this massive feast fit for a non-smoking king?

A BBQ Chook or eight pieces, six nuggets, chicken chippies, two large chips and a mash and gravy – not a bad trade at all.

Oh, and at $27.50, you’ll have $7.50 to splurge on more fried delights or whatever you want, really.

The world is your oyster!

Written by Newcastle Live

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