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YES CHEF: Is this the home of the tastiest burger in the Hunter?

As you know we write about burgers a little bit here at Newcastle Live

And each time we write about Newcastle-based burger outlets someone will always contact us and say “hey, you guys should try Burger Chef at Heddon Greta” – or something similar. 

So finally, we did. And here’s what we found. 

Burger Chef is located in a small row of shops (including a bottle-o if you are in need of a beer) on the Main Road of Heddon Greta. It’s here you will find an extensive menu of burgers, loaded fries, and all the suspected sides. 

Of course, they have those outrageous creations that are all the rage in burger circles, the $16.95 TRIPLE BYPASS for example – 3 beef patties deliciously topped with hollandaise & bbq sauces, with triple cheese and bacon.

But we wanted something a little more simple. And we were not disappointed. 

The burgers came wrapped in that cute as a button red and white checkered wax paper. They smelt SO good. So good that we didn’t hesitate before tucking in. There wasn’t even enough time to get a proper photo – apologies for the poor quality of the one below. 

Let us instead paint a picture with words…

The Californian Chef – possibly a perfect beef burger; juicy and saucy. Just messy enough and a balance of ‘salad’ and treat. 

$10.95 featuring Burger Chef sauce, onion, pickles, lettuce, tomato, beef and cheese

Crispy Chicken Deluxe – take the best ever KFC boneless breast piece you’ve ever had and better it; crispy, crunchy, and dripping with rich goodness. We do recommend sharing the bacon with your dining partner; a single-serve is certainly enough. 

$13.95 featuring BBQ sauce & mayo, American cheese, double bacon, crispy fried chicken and  onion rings

Throw in an awesome online ordering system, meal deals and special offers on side dishes and you have yourself a pretty brilliant burger experience.


This isn’t the kind of burger joint that you go to for a dine-in, sit down meal. Judging by the traffic through this doorway to deliciousness the locals know the deal and organise takeaway or delivery to enjoy at home.

If you are traveling to try Burger Chef you are best to pre-plan a car date, a picnic in a nearby park or the Heddon Greta Drive-In is just around the corner; burgers and a movie date anyone?

Check out their website and Facebook page for more information.

And pack a wet wipe.

The Californian Chef Burger