Bringing girl power to the local music industry

If you are a) female and b) always dreamed of getting into the music industry but didn’t know where to start, this is the workshop for you! The electro-duo, Shiny Shiny, will be heading to Newcastle in September to deliver their ‘Women in Technology Music Workshops’ at Sawtooth Studios Newcastle.


The workshops which run over a weekend, have been designed specifically for women who are interested in getting into the industry as an electronic musician, producer or DJ, or for musicians who want to add more to their music and live performance.


The aim is to provide women an inclusive, educational, creative and safe space to meet like minded others, push personal boundaries and thoughts around the ability to be technical and musical, to feel supported and empowered through using a new creative outlet, and to produce a track or song using Ableton Live, and recorded live elements such as singing, or instruments.


The workshops will teach attendees about the software Ableton Live, the foundations of how to use it for writing and arrangement, and the endless possibilities for live performance. Basic songwriting and inspired content creation activities will also be incorporated into the weekend.


The content will be delivered in a hands on, experiential learning approach, with a theoretical and education based foundation. These workshops are aimed at women and will take a ‘women’s centered’ approach to learning.


The Facilitators

Melania and Patty have 7 years  experience co-facilitating workshops. From working on the Indigenous Workshop Program ‘Styling Up, Women’s crisis centers, to  International queer festivals and events they have worked with a variety of participants, ages, skill levels and cultural backgrounds. They facilitate a well rounded workshop program with activities that deliver not only the educational material, but also team building, and personal musical growth opportunities.


Melania and Patty are also the electronic duo ‘Shiny Shiny’. They recently returned from 6 months in Berlin touring their show The Ironing Maidens, a multi-media, eclectic electronic arts project, exploring gender roles, queer and women’s issues and technology. The girls tell their story using some very unconventional tools – Essentially the maidens hack domestic irons and ironing boards, and use them as instruments and controllers for electronic music and projected visuals!


There are limited places are available, so get your applications in as soon as possible by contacting Shiny Shiny directly at or visiting the website

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