Photo by Maya Aluana

BRACE YOURSELF: Raave Tapes’ debut album drops this Friday

Newcastle band, Raave Tapes have released the final taste of what we can expect from their debut album which drops this Friday.

The new single, which is lifted from the forthcoming self-titled long player, is called Braces.

It was produced by Fletcher Matthews, who’s worked with acts like Dear Seattle, Stumps, and The Buoys, and features a classic Joab Eastley vocal take along a good dose of late ’90s club banger vibes.

“This song feels like that last scene in Thelma and Louise when they look at each other before they drive off the cliff (sorry for the spoiler) and there’s that moment of solidarity between them,” Lindsay O’connell said.

“Maybe the title is an allusion to needing to be ‘braced up’ by your mates. Maybe it’s an allusion to crooked teeth and the ugly smiles you share with those close to you when you think no one is looking.”

The single is just one of 12 songs we’ll get on the album this Friday. It will take pride of place amongst other Raave Tapes’ favourites including k hi, Goodbye and I Just Wanna Be Alone.

“The most integral themes of the album revolve around the interpersonal relationships we have with the people around us, to the nearest and dearest, as well as those who’ve become distant and not so dear,” Joab said.

“It’s a pretty broad and universal overarching theme for sure, but its one that heavily impacted our writing process.

“At its core, we were a few good friends locked in a room with no phone reception for long periods of time, and that encouraged plenty of D&Ms, late-night soul-searching & a level of introspection that pushed us in a more earnest & personal direction.”

Raave Tapes will release their long-awaited debut album this Friday, 24 May. To pre-order and find out more visit