Newcastle’s Bad Luck Kitty rock the Byron Bluesfest Busking Competition

Local band, Bad Lucky Kitty arrived in Byron Bay at around 8:30 last night. A few short hours later, the three piece were on stage at The Beach Hotel performing in the final series of the Blues Fest Busking Competition. 

With new bass player, Rusty Carr debuting, it became obvious to Byron locals and festival goers, why Bad Luck Kitty have become a “must see” band in Newcastle.

With the second instalment of the semi finals to be played tonight, we’re still unsure if the band has made it through to the final round that, if they win, will see them play at Blues Fest!

Check out the gallery (thanks to Craig from Swamp House Photography) from the gig below.


Written by Swamphouse

At 16 years old, on a balmy May Friday night way back in 1975. I rolled up to the Forestville Youth Centre (The Forrie Bop) tickets were a couple of dollars and the band on the night included the likes of Bon Scott, Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Paul Matters and Phil Rudd, yes ‘ACDC’ all for $2.00, can you believe that.