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THE EGGSPERTS: Bibina is your one-stop-shop for an eggs-cellant Easter

Whether you’re planning to go traditional and paint your own eggs or you’re looking for that unique and hard to find Easter gift, the eggs-perts at Bibina are your one-stop shop.

A trip to their Warners Bay outlet is like stepping into a foodies paradise, and this Easter the shelves are stacked full of goodies.

You can check out some of the things we added to our basket on a recent trip below.


For many families, dying and wrapping your own eggs for Easter is a tradition.

There’s really something special about coming together to spend time making unique treasures to give to loved ones.

Bibina has a full range of egg dyes and wraps in store. From simple dyes, colouring kits, glitter and patterned wraps and patterns.


Buying an Easter Egg for a friend or family member who has a dairy-free diet can be challenging if you’re sticking to the supermarket shelves.

But a quick trip to Bibina and you’ll be amazed at just how many dairy-free easter options there are.

Our pick is this adorable, and yummy, Moo Free White Easter Bunny or one of these Alpha Dairy Free Boxed Easter Eggs.


There’s something really satisfying about sneaking around your house, or backyard, in the middle of the night planting little eggs for the little people to find early the next morning.

The thing is, to plan a decent egg hunt you need heaps of eggs, so our tip is to pick up one of these bags of mini easter eggs wrapped in foil.

There are over 100 eggs in each bag, and they’re extremely good value!


If you’re looking for something really special for someone really special then look no further.

These Eggs are natural eggshells, filled with a special blend of milk and dark chocolate with hazelnuts.

They really are a unique and special gift for Easter.


If you don’t wake up to an elegant rabbit on Easter morning have you even Eastered?

Sometimes the tried and tested gift is the best one and we all have a special spot in our hearts for the elegant rabbit.

Hit Bibina to see the massive range.


355 Hillsborough Rd, Warners Bay
(02) 4954 6044