The Best Independent Clothing Stores in Newcastle

Just me again, encouraging you to shop locally and independently this Christmas. We’ve already covered the best book stores in town because books are amazing and actually the best present ever BUT… Maybe you’re looking for a little something extra to stuff the stocking this year. That or, you just don’t like the way your partner, son, niece, etc. dresses so why not buy them clothes for Christmas and give them no choice. Either that or you have a FASHUN lover in your life who you can’t wait to spoil. Yay. So here are the top independent clothing stores in town.

Scout/Abicus – Darby Street

Embroidery details by Kinga Csilla ☀️

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Always the very first go to on my list. The staff are super friendly, even for complete fashun noobs like me. They seem to be able to read the look of terror on my face and hand me the pair of jeans of my dreams. They also have books and records too so you’re on a winner.

Blackbird Corner – Darby Street

So Blackbird corner carry a variety of delightful nicks and nacks to make your Christmas dreams come true, but they also stock a great range of independent clothing. Most of the items for sale are hand printed, which you can of course add to the bottom of the Christmas card you buy *Hi um this tshirt is hand printed appreciate me and the effort I went to*.

Cream – Hunter Street Mall

Long and short over-alls!!! These won't last long so get yourself a pair ASAP!!!

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This is my favourite clothing shop in the entire world. They stock a whole bunch of really kewl up-cycled threads that are sure to keep you in the hipster kid crowd. Tshirts, vintage sweaters, overalls (so many overalls!), and even bags made out of shirts. Each item is unique and will make for a really great present!

Ramjet – Darby Street

Every time I’m anywhere near Darby Street I make a point of checking out the threads in Ramjet. My current favourite at the moment is a collection of abrasively offensive novelty socks. Which is exactly what novelty socks should be.

Chinchen Street – Online

A great little online boutique selling all sorts of up-cycled vintage wears. I’m all about sustainable fashun and you should be too. With an abundance of creativity and an amazing eye for design, woman at the helm Bonnie Tipper, is sure to have something to make your Christmas dreams come true.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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